Annual dinner date to celebrate breast cancer diagnosis

This entry was written by Rebecca Meyer Carr, candidate for White House / Black Market photo shoot in NY:

Every year on October 30, my husband and I go out to dinner. We remember the moment we received the news of my breast cancer and the moment we had to tell our parents and our children. We remember our shock that at age 37, I could have such advanced breast cancer, while feeling so healthy. We remember the six surgeries, the four months of chemotherapy and the six weeks of radiation…And then we celebrate.

We celebrate that six Octobers have gone by since that fateful day. We celebrate that we live in an age when modern medicine and wonderful doctors could save my life. We celebrate that the scars that I bear are the warrior paint that helped me fight. We celebrate that I still get to raise our children who were 5 and 6 that day and are crazy-making tweens now. We celebrate that our love is so strong that now we know that there is nothing we can’t get through. We celebrate that in the past six years we’ve climbed up the Rockies and down into the Grand Canyon, cheered at ball games and danced at weddings.

We raise our glasses and toast to living, loving and remembering.  We celebrate living beyond breast cancer.

White House Black Market Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Rebecca entered to have a chance to be featured in a White House / Black Market photo shoot in New York City! Good luck, Rebecca!

Do you celebrate your “cancerversary” like Rebecca? LBBC wants to hear from you! Send your story idea to or comment on our facebook page.

5 thoughts on “Annual dinner date to celebrate breast cancer diagnosis

  1. Thanks for sharing Rebecca, that is such a great idea to celebrate another year of surviving…… my diagnose came on December 30, so what better date to celebrate right at new years… I will celebrate my “cancerversary”… Thank God For all the years to come….

  2. Great article, Rebecca! My Caniversary is also October 30th, and I, too, celebrate each year. This year my husband and I are combining this celebration, along with our 10-year anniversary, and are going to Italy! I have decided to do something special on that day each year b/c that’s how I view it…a celebration of life!

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