I support LBBC because my mom does

LBBC caught up with 15-year-old Ari Shanon who took part in one of LBBC’s largest fundraising events: Yoga Unites for LBBC. Her participation brought a new perspective to the event as she dedicated her efforts to solicit her entire school to take part in a cause to support LBBC, the organization that her mother looked to after facing a breast cancer diagnosis years ago.

This entry was written by Ari Shanon, the 15-year-old daughter of a breast cancer survivor:

The reason I chose LBBC is because my mom had breast cancer when I was six, and it was a hard time. I remember cutting off her hair with my brother at a hair-cutting party.  Even though that’s one of the only memories I have of that time, I know that LBBC was extremely helpful because my mom always talks about them.  When I was looking for a service project for my bat mitzvah, I thought of LBBC first.  I decided to create a team for Yoga Unites (Team Dreams) and raise money for LBBC.  

Ever since, I’ve been creating a team with friends and family, and friends of friends. I also emailed my entire school this year. I’m really lucky to be surrounded by people who want to help this cause. Each year we’ve raised more money than the last.  This year we raised more than $5,000, which was our goal.  It feels really good to raise so much money for such a great organization.


Yoga Unites for Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Ari (right) supports her mother while performing a team-inspired yoga pose.


LBBC is pleased to be able to touch the lives women affected by breast cancer. However, we understand the importance of encouraging caregivers to take part in activities that encourage their loved ones to fight this disease. Our education and support programs are geared toward helping women live as long as possible with the best quality of life. Without fundraising projects, none of this would be possible.

Do you fear that your breast cancer diagnosis has interfered with the emotional stability of your child? Talk to him/her about journaling and expressing his/her thoughts that way. LBBC would love to hear from you and your child. Send your story to stacia@lbbc.org or comment on our facebook page.

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