This Saturday, June 5th, LBBC will be joining Christopher Kadish as he hosts a fun-filled, entertaining extravaganza all for women affected by breast cancer.

This entry was written by LBBC staff member Stacia Weaver:

Who knew that we would have to put our boxing gloves on and purchase the latest kickboxing gear for Christopher Kadish’s ALL pun intended “Kick Ass Party for the Cure?” What started off as planning for an art party where all donations would go toward an art program happily transformed into planning for a party where all proceeds will benefit hundreds of women and their families who are facing the financial traumas of breast cancer.

Once upon a time, Christopher was a member of a family who could have significantly benefitted from Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s Cis B. Golder Quality of Life Grant, a grant that is dispersed to women fighting breast cancer with financial need. “I had to live through three years of watching my mom suffer, often times in excruciating pain, and my father struggling to survive emotionally and physically while supporting three boys,” said Christopher as he revisits his adolescent years.

Christopher was 16 years old when his mother died from breast cancer. Shortly thereafter, his father’s boss heartlessly fired his father saying, “Your wife just died from breast cancer, right?” “Yes,” Stan, his father replied.  “I don’t know how you can put enough effort into your job. I’m going to have to let you go.” This was one of many challenges that Christopher and his family would face twenty-some-odd years ago.

“Here I am twenty plus years later honoring what my father and my family went through and those who brought casseroles to our front door. Now I’m trying to bring figurative casseroles to other people’s front door,” said an emotional Christopher. “[My father] put all his savings into taking care of us. It was hard for him.”

It was only right that all proceeds and efforts from the party go to suffering women and families.

Through this event, Christopher is mostly looking for a lasting impact. But he is also looking forward to curbing his thoughts of regret. “People in grief will sometimes blame themselves for the death. There were a handful of times I did not want to be there, in the hospital, smelling death and sanitizer, watching my mom suffer. It was a great internal struggle for me. I felt guilt and shame for thinking of myself, at all. I’ve worked hard on that in my adult years, and learned definitively that my thoughts were normal. I challenge anybody dealing with grief to learn the common thoughts and feelings associated with it. People sometimes temporarily lose hearing while in deep grief. That happened to me!”

Christopher came up with the most creative ways to make this party, in remembrance of his mother, (a day after her birthday) a celebration. “I find joy in challenging and instigating happiness, celebration and the deep appreciation of the occasional joy in life,” says Christopher. So what would have seemed like a “bit much” to have a fire dancer donate services at the party simply fit into his spontaneous personality as he always “tries to seize the moment.”

While Christopher was on his mission to find liberating acts and entertainment for the “Kick Ass Party for the Cure,” he approached a fire spinner performing in a park: Leah Trix.  It turns out that Leah is a breast cancer survivor and was a recipient of LBBC’s Cis B. Golder Quality of Life Grant.  “She jumped on the opportunity,” said Christopher. “I honor her, my brothers, and strangers who stepped up to volunteer or donate.”

Although people who are directly affected by breast cancer are more inclined to react positively and with action, he doesn’t “get people who do not respond to significant causes, or say they will but don’t. Getting cancer is wholly, completely unfair. Not until they ‘get it’, one way or the other, do they understand. I want people to taste what others are going through, to feel something greater than themselves,” says Christopher.

Christopher is challenging people to give as much as they can.  The “Kick Ass Party for the Cure” is a gift of “unique thinking and experience to help someone who needs our connection and our love for the unity of human kind in this experience of one life,” he ends.

Come join LBBC at Studio 5 South on June 5th at 8pm.  The party will have live music, a lot of dancing, drinks, food, a live photo shoot, $1,500 worth of raffle prizes and many more surprises and opportunities to donate!  A donation of $20 gets you in the door! For more information, visit this website.

Looking for a creative way to celebrate your life after breast cancer? Tell us your plans on our facebook page or email your story to

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