Breast Cancer is Not a Death Sentence

Here is a personal story that was shared on our message boards:

My journey started in early 2007 when crippling back pain sent me to my primary physician. I was suffering from back pain and didn’t know what it was. The pain was elusive. As a pediatric RN, I knew something was wrong.

After numerous diagnostic tests and consultations with local specialist, I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in April 2007. I was in a state of shock, since I had recently completed my annual mammogram and breast ultrasound–which were negative. I was angry, sad, overwhelmed and scared I was going to die.

Once the primary tumor in my breast was located, it was determined it was too small to remove surgically. Although there is no cure for metastatic breast cancer, with careful monitoring it can become a treatable disease.

I’m reminded of a quote: “Our greatest asset is hope, hope is plentiful.”

So are treatment options.

While one treatment may lose effectiveness, more medical advances are out there to take its place. In fact, I’m trying another hormonal treatment after being on one for two and a half years. I plan to live a very long and productive life.

I also  refuse to believe breast cancer is a death sentence. That’s why I’m dedicated to making a difference by educating others about metastatic breast cancer.

Remember: there is hope.

Want to talk with other women going through the same thing as you? Check out our message boards. You can also continue the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.


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