Get creative supporting women affected by breast cancer!

Each day, we here at LBBC are amazed by the generosity and commitment of those who support our programs and services.  Amazed! It’s important to us that there are lots of different ways for our supporters – new and longstanding – to help us get these programs out to the women who need them most. We know that you are busy, engaged, diverse, and motivated to help, so we have made sure that there are so many unique ways to support the organization!  Here is just a sampling…

Shop for the Cause

Did you know that many Philadelphia area retailers join forces with LBBC to host “mini events” in their store to raise money for LBBC’s programs?  For a modest donation, guests enjoy benefits like big discounts on purchases, “first look” at seasonal items, private shopping, and often wine and hors d’ouevres.

Talk about guilt-free shopping!

A full list of upcoming events is always available.  The next one is at J.CREW in Ardmore this Sunday, December 6th, 6 to 8 pm.  Come and get a jump on your holiday purchases and know that a portion of the proceeds will go directly to our programs and services!

Skirt Boutique's shopping event for LBBC

Skirt boutique’s shopping event to benefit LBBC

Involve the kids

Teaching the values of giving back to our children not only helps our community now, but will build a stronger future for everyone.  We are often surprised that it is this younger generation that comes up with the most creative ideas for raising money to support women affected by breast cancer.

Students and teachers at Gwynnedd-Mercy Academy Elementary raised money for a breast cancer “dress down day,” where jeans and pink tops showed their support. 

Students at The Shipley School were joined by LBBC staff member, Lisa Black, to talk about breast cancer and raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, resulting in well over $2,000 of donations!

Maybe your child’s school would be interested in joining in on the fun!

Volunteers help us stuff bags for our annual Yoga Unites event

Make all that time on Facebook worth it!

Facebook has developed a powerful – and easy – tool to raise money for the organizations in which you believe…just by logging on and spreading the word! 

Causes | Facebookis an application that can connect your friends with LBBC and raise money in the process.  Already, our supporters have celebrated birthdays and anniversaries of their own cancer treatment by asking friends and families to give modest increments of money.

Celebrate your next birthday by asking friends and family to donate to LBBC instead of sending cards or another scarf you just don’t need.  Has it been 10 years since you found out you were cancer-free?  Encourage people to give $10 in support of LBBC’s programs! 

Tap your inner Martha

Recently, our friends Judy and Jerry Herman were looking for a new way to support LBBC.  They really wanted to do something special and Judy had a phenomenal chocolate chip banana cake recipe to share.  Why not sell these cakes to raise money? 

What started out as an afternoon of baking turned into a force of culinary nature!  They have raised over $4,000 $5600(!) already and orders are still coming in as word spreads.  Even CBS took note and profiled them on their “Brotherly Love” segment.

Never would the Herman’s have guessed their crazy idea would be so successful!  Which goes to show that if you have been thinking about trying something new to support the women affected by breast cancer…give it a shot! 

Judy (second in from the right) and her “Angel Bakers”


Jayme Gittingsis the Manager of Individual Giving at LBBC and always interested in hearing the next “crazy” idea for raising money to support woman affected by breast cancer.  Her door (and inbox) are always open, so feel free to drop her an email or call (484-708-1806) to talk about the next shopping event or your big idea for helping support LBBC.  Remember, the sky is the limit!






2 thoughts on “Get creative supporting women affected by breast cancer!

  1. I just read about a new targeted cancer drug that has been shown to shrink tumors in women with metastatic breast cancer after an average of seven other drugs, including Herceptin, failed. The new drug, called T-DM1, combines Herceptin with a potent chemotherapy drug. Here’s to keeping our hopes alive that someday this retched disease can be nothing but a memory! One word comes to mind when it comes to breast cancer conquer. Happy Holidays to All!

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