Breast Cancer Six-Word Memoirs for BCAM 2013 – Week of Oct. 1

We at Living Beyond Breast Cancer want to make sure women with breast cancer have opportunities to tell their stories and inspire others in October and beyond. Feeling inspired by Smith Magazine, the creators of the Six-Word Memoir project, LBBC is collecting and posting your six-word memoirs as part of our BCAM efforts.

MaryGrace Mastroddi's Six-Word Memoir for Oct. 3, 2013.

MaryGrace Mastroddi’s Six-Word Memoir for Oct. 3, 2013.

We are very impressed with the number of breast cancer six-word memoirs we’re getting via email.

It’s a pleasure to read the thoughtful, very short stories many of you have created and submitted to us. It’s an even bigger honor to get to share them with our followers on Facebook and this blog.

These are the breast cancer six-word memoirs we shared on Facebook last week, from October 1 – October 5. Check our Facebook page daily to see a new six-word story unveiled.

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11 Responses to “Breast Cancer Six-Word Memoirs for BCAM 2013 – Week of Oct. 1”

  1. Amy Koreen Says:

    **How do we enter our 6 word memoir to you?

  2. john Says:

    My mother found the solution to cancer on the website:


  3. Gilda Says:

    Wake-up! You have one day more

  4. szglickman Says:

    For the six word memoir postings

    This is the first I have heard of this I am a huge fan of them!

    Breast Cancer Six Word Memoirs: Suzin Glickman October 2013

    Stripped of “woman parts” but HERE!

    I want to be a survivor

    Funny thing, never cared for Pink

    I might be dying – or not

    Can’t reach my potential- Frustrates Me

    Body like 75 actually only 50

    Now see little moments like big

    Sometimes I surprise myself – spontaneously weep

    Bliss for 20 seconds upon waking

    Envoyé de mon iPhone

  5. szglickman Says:

    Suzin Glickman Six word memoirs On Breast Cancer

    Want to be beyond the average

    Hormone suppressed weight gain seems unjust

    Cancer oppressed Hormone suppressed Somewhat depressed

    Having Eyelashes do make a difference

    This pill could save my life

    Friends catching up To my menopause

    Biting sarcastic humor helps me Vent

    Bucket trips nice Must have money

    Want to be present That’s all

    My family needs me Cant leave

    Will compromise most things to live

    Envoyé de mon iPhone

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