Video Blog Series: Advocacy in Action on Metastatic Breast Cancer – Part Four

On April 28th and 29th, 2012, Living Beyond Breast Cancer will host its Sixth Annual Conference for Women Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer which is a one-of-a-kind educational program designed for women living with metastatic disease, caregivers and healthcare providers. During the four weeks before the event, the LBBC blog will feature a series of short videos featuring our own Elyse Spatz Caplan, Director of Programs and Partnerships,  with Advocacy in Action discussing the needs of women living with metastatic breast cancer.

This fourth video discusses access to information, medical treatment, and insurance coverage.

Elyse Spatz Caplan, MA, Director, Programs and Partnerships

Video Link: Metastatic Breast Cancer Discussion – Part Four


Visit our website for more information on the Conference for Women Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer and to Register for the April event. Additional resources can be found through LBBC’s Understanding Guides: Metastatic Breast Cancer Series.  Later this year, LBBC will produce a guide for women newly diagnosed with advanced disease.


One Response to “Video Blog Series: Advocacy in Action on Metastatic Breast Cancer – Part Four”

  1. Robyn Says:

    I am so sorry that you are going through this! I love your positive attitude. I have women very close to me who are fighting cancer. I want to surround them with positive thinking! I recently read a book called, “It’s Just Hair: 20 Essential Life Lessons” by Judith L. Pearson. It is a beautiful non-fiction self-help book for women battling breast cancer or anyone facing a challenge. The book gives lessons in courage, humor, patience, acceptance, stress management and more. I really enjoyed reading each life lesson, each one is under 5 pages.

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